Monday, October 3, 2016


We had a pretty great and busy week! To start off A. is
doing really well, she is learning so fast and has a desire to keep
learning more about the gospel. We are so excited for her. She is
really excited for her b-date of October 23rd and we are excited to see
her continue to progress and grow!
Making Pancakes

K, is doing well, she works a lot is the tricky thing with her, but
hopefully we can start seeing her a little more often.

M. is doing good but she left town this week so hopefully we can get
back in the routine of meeting with her!

P-Day @ the Harbor

Conference was amazing! I loved all the talks but my favorite talk was
by Russell M. Nelson talking about how we can find joy no matter what
circumstance we are in.
Sunrise during Morning Run

We had a family of nine people from Ecuador come watch conference with
us. We were really excited and got them all set up with the
translation. And after 15 minutes they one by one got up and they all
went into the hall. We went to go see what was going on and the mom
turned to us and said "we are catholic and we are going to go to mass"
and then they left! It was really crazy, but A. watched conference at
home with her two boys and we are hoping that it went a lot better for
Exchanges with Hermana Mecham!

Thanks for all the support!

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