Monday, September 26, 2016

Hola hola hola!! I hope everyone has had a good week! Things are great
here in Annapolis! We are loving the area a lot. My other companion
left so we are here getting the area figured out, and we are very
grateful for our GPS because the roads are super crazy!

Things are going really well with our investigator A. The Spa Creek
branch is amazing! The members have been so helpful and so awesome.
They all have welcomed her and helped her participate and have become
good friends with her. A. told us she has no family here beside her
husband and kids and she feels like the church is her family now!
Sister Bateman's 6 month mark

K. is our other investigator that went to "Why I Believe" with us. She
works at Coldstone (and we take good advantage of that haha:) she works
a lot but we are hoping to get her to church sometime.
with K at Why I Believe

Today we went to Annapolis and walked around the city for a while! It
was great!! A member found us and bought us crab cakes, and then we
bought giant ice cream sandwiches. We are loving this town!!

member's turtle

Us with our Branch President and family

With Coach Ken from Meet the Mormons

Thanks so much for everything
Hasta ver!

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