Monday, September 5, 2016

Hey Everyone!!! Sorry this email is a week late! But things have been
good up here in Olney! We did get in contact with W. and C again, they
are living in Gaithersburg and we set up an appointment with us and the
elders in Gaithersburg to pass them off!

D. is our cool new investigator that moved here a few weeks ago from
El Salvador. She is awesome and says that she has been looking for a
church and guidance. She is so sweet we love meeting with her!

This week our ward a had a missionary activity where everyone can
invite their friends and we bring less active members and
investigators. This month it was a pool party haha. We couldn't swim
but we did meet some new investigators and get some good appointments
set up - haha.

We got to meet with one of our less active members and she is doing
really well, and she came to the pool party and has been listening to
the Book of Mormon on CD we are excited to keep watching her

This week at the farm a miniature baby pony was born and we got to see
it at a week old! It was so cute. We go and work with people with
special needs as they learn how to work on a farm, and ride and groom horses,
It was pretty fun this week.

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