Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hey Everybody!
We have had a good crazy week here.

J. Is doing really well and is getting ready for her marriage and
baptism. We had some good lessons with her this week and she is still
progressing really well and is still excited for her baptismal date.

V. And C. Are two brothers that live in the basement of one of our
members. They sat in on a lesson last week and really liked it. We
started teaching them after that. This week after we taught them about
the gospel of Jesus Christ they accepted baptism for the 6 of march.
We are really excited for them, they came to church last week and they
liked it a lot.

This week we also had some good lessons with less active members and
families. Some are starting to come back to church and it has been a
really good experience. Its great to see how happy it makes them.

This week was crazy because a huge snowstorm hit DC. We have been
inside since Friday morning. We have had lots of time for studies, and
watching church movies and studying Spanish haha. Our roommate taught us
how to make ice cream out of snow, and we made a snowman on our deck.
Sunday we had sacrament meeting in the apartment of a senior couple,
and then the elders helped us dig our cars out of the snow. I spent a
lot of time reading the Book of Mormon this week, It has been so nice
to be able to read it and learn more from it during these snow days.
Snow Fort!


Everything was fine during the storm we didn't lose power or water,
and it was pretty cool to watch the blizzard hit.

Making Ice Cream

Winter Hats

Thanks for all the support!!!!!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Hey everyone!!!!

This week was good!

J. Is back on date for the 14th of February. We are really excited for
her. She has been coming to church and doing really well with keeping
all of her commitments.

V. Is progressing slowly. We have been working with him for a while
now. He has been reading and he came to church but he needs to pray.
He is also considering baptism. But he wants to learn more first
before he commits to anything. Our lesson with him was really cool, we
taught him the word of wisdom and we were a little nervous about it
because he has told us when we first met with him that he has problems
with alcohol. When we taught it to him, he told us that he felt that
God wanted him to stop drinking like 3-4 weeks ago and hasn't drunk
anything since. It was really cool.

We were not able to meet with S. This week he has a crazy work
schedule and works all day most days and it can be hard to find him on
his day off. But we are excited to keep working with him.

We got two new investigators on Friday. They then came to church on
Sunday with their Book of Mormons, they live in the basement of a
member and they really seemed to like it.
Member from Ecuador

We have also had good luck working with a less active member who has
been inactive for 10 yrs, she is coming to church and meeting with

Today we had a mall scavenger hunt and it was pretty fun! Then we had
Costco pizza for lunch:)
Scavenger Hunt @ Mall

Things have been good it snowed for the first time on Sunday but it
didn't really stick.
It Snowed!

Thanks for everything!!!!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Hola Everybody!
This week was good! And we had a lot of stuff going on.

J. Did not get baptized this week because she was not able to
be married, her marriage date has been pushed back to February.

We got a Sister from the ward who has been less active for 10 years to
come to church! We were so excited! She seemed to have an awesome
time!!! We have been able to meet with her a few times this week and
it has been really great!!

We got two new investigators this week! They are a cute couple from El
Salvador! We taught them the restoration and it went really well. They
liked it and said we could come back next week! We are excited to keep
working with them.
The Suburbs!

We had a recent convert come out with us for a few hours on Saturday
night! She had a lot of fun and we taught some good lessons. We even
got to teach one of our new investigators with her. It was a great
experience and she wants to come back out with us next week!
Member's Birthday Party

This week we had to do a lot of driving all over our area, because we
got a ton of referrals from the festival of lights. But we have been
able to have contact with some of them and it has been going well, so
we are pretty excited!
Out on the Town

This pday we went with the roommates to the Newsuem in dc, it was
pretty fun! And then we went to a french bakery in DC after. It was

Berlin Wall

Indoor Soccer

So far squeakers has not returned to the apartment......

Thanks for all the support!!!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year

Hi everyone!!! This week has been great!

J. Is getting all ready for her baptism this next Sunday. She will
hopefully be married today and will be all ready to go! We are so
excited for her and she is really excited as well. We are really
happy about the progress that she has been able to make and we are
looking forward to her progress after baptism.
My twin brother Matt who is a Missionary in Ecuador sent me this kit to demonstrate the Plan of Salvation

A. and E. our two young investigators are doing really well. They have
been coming to church consistently for a while now and they love
primary they are always really excited to be there. We really like to
teach them, we are also working on reactivating their uncle. It has
been cool to work with the whole family.

S. is our new investigator we found while shopping at Megamart. He has
started to read the Book of Mormon and he really likes it. We have our
next appointment with him next week and we are excited to see if he
will progress.

New Years was good, we had a party with the ward and had some
appointments with member families because we were not allowed to
proselyte. It was a fun day.

This week we found out that we have a mouse in our house! He can fit
in under our front door so he comes in when he wants. We have some traps
set up for him........his name is squeakers.......
here squeakers!

We had a ton of meals this week. One night we had three dinners. You
know you are at a Spanish meal when you think the appetizer is the
full meal, and when they are bringing a plate to the table and you
think its a main plate for the center of the table for everyone to eat
from, but it is actually your own personal plate. But we had some
pretty good food and we aren't going hungry.

We have been working with a less active family. They used to not
let missionaries come over but we have been able to get in once
a week. They are really liking our lessons. This week we stopped by
and we played with the puppy their eight year old daughter got. Then the
daughter wanted to play easy bake oven with us so we taught a lesson while
it was baking.
puppy time

ez baking
me & a member

DC Sunset

P-Day @ President Cooke's Home

It was a pretty good week! Thanks for all the support!