Monday, October 26, 2015

Hi everybody! This week was really good, And pretty busy.

For our investigators, we were able to have contact with J.From El
Salvador. She has her baby last week, and we went by to see how she
was doing or if she needed anything, We didn't even have a lesson
planned, but she invited us in and said that she wanted us to teach her.
It was really cool, she loves having the lessons and wants to keep
learning more. She is really sweet and progressing really well.

C. is now has a baptism date for the 2nd of November. She had
been taught for awhile but hadn't picked a date, but she told us
this lesson that she wanted to be baptized and she chose her
date. It is really exciting, and she is really happy about it.

We met with E. From Peru, and he is still waiting for his divorce
papers. He likes learning about the gospel and has enjoyed the lessons.
His son also wants to be involved in the church so we are going to
start working with him too.

We also started teaching a family from Ecuador this week. They are
only living here in Maryland for a year while the dad does some work
at the embassy. The dad is a member but the family is not. They
stopped by the temple visitor center after they saw the temple off of
the freeway, and they took a tour with the sisters. They loved it and
wanted missionaries to stop by the house. The visitor center sent us
their info and we were able to stop by this week.

Things have been going good, we only had one exchange this week
because the other one fell through. It was good because my companion
speaks Spanish. This week was really crazy because for some reason
everyone wanted to feed us. We had a lot of lunch appointments and
for a lot of nights we even had two dinner appointments.
It hasn't really happened before where we have had three member meals
in a day, it was really crazy because  the members make you
eat a lot. The meals were all really good too!

Gaithersburg has been great! The leaves here are really amazing in the
fall and the whole city is really colorful because all the giant trees
are turning colors!

See ya next week!
P-Day at the bowling alley


Monday, October 19, 2015

Hey Everybody! I had a really great week!

At the beginning of the week we had contact with a part member family
from Mexico that we have been trying to meet with the whole time we
have been here. The family was so sweet and awesome. They loved
learning and the two kids were really excited. The sad part is the dad
doesn't want them to go to church and wont let the children get
baptized even though they really want to. But we are excited to keep
working with the family and teaching them and we are hoping that
things will change.

One of our families is progressing well, they are from El Salvador.
They are reading the Book of Mormon and are enjoying the lessons. The
lessons in their house are crazy, because the two boys are crazy and
they have four crazy dogs and throughout the lesson there is always
something crazy going on. This time a dog tipped over a glass of water
all over our plan of salvation cut out hahahah.

We have a new investigator family, they just moved here from Ecuador
and came to the Temple visitor center. They loved it and want to learn more
and become part of the church. We haven't taught them yet but we have
had contact, and we are so excited to teach them!!

Our less active couple was in church again this week we are so excited
for them and to keep working with them.

This week was really crazy I spent four days on exchanges. It was
really fun, but for two of the days I was with an English speaker so I
had to teach all of the lessons by myself which was kinda crazy! But
it was fun and the English-speaking sister is one of my best friends in the
mission and we had so much fun!

Its finally fall here and it is getting cold and all of the leaves are
changing color. This week has been fun because a lot of nights when we
come in our roommates will serenade us with the ukulele and make us
pumpkin chocolate chip cookies:)

We have had some good food this week. We had lots of dinner with
Peruvian families and Peruvian food is so good! We usually have
chicken and deep fried yucca it is really good.

Things are going good here!! Thanks for all the support!

Hasta Luego!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Monday, October 12, 2015

Hi everyone!!! Things are good here in Gaithersburg. This week has
been great.

Our investigators are doing well. We were able to find some new ones
this week. One is from Honduras and we met him about one month ago
when we were knocking doors, we tried for a while to regain contact
with him and his family but we never could. He called us this week and
we taught him the restoration. It was a really cool experience because
he is not happy with his evangelical church and is searching for
another one. His wife is not interested right now so we are just
teaching him.
Our Investigator's Mom's Birthday

We also are meeting with a family that lives in the basement of a
another member. They are really sweet and they committed to read the
Book of Mormon. The kids were really hyper and the family has four
dogs so things are always super crazy when we go over but it is really

We have been working with a less active family in the area during this
transfer and the last transfer and things are going really well with
them, they have both come to church and watched conference and are
really excited about becoming active again. They have been inactive
for 10 years.
Volunteering at the Blood Drive

This week I went on exchanges with one of my good friends in the
mission. It is really nice because she is from Spain and can speak
Spanish so she was really helpful going to all of our appointments and
everything. That night was really cool because we had 5 appointments
and all of them fell through and at first we were really
bummed, but we started making phone calls and knocking doors, and some
people let us come in and teach and we found a lot of potential
investigators that night.
Contacted the Ice Cream Man

On Sunday there was a event called night of music and inspiration at
the temple visitor center, and I was asked to give my
testimony in Spanish. It was pretty scary giving it in Spanish in front of a lot
of people but it was a really cool experience.
My talk at the Temple Visitor's Center

Pday we went down to DC and went to the air and space museum, and the
native American museum!
Air and Space Museum

Pretty sure Daniel Ricciardo drove this car

Would you like me to demonstrate how to paddle this canoe?

Mars Rover

Thanks for the love and support!!
Happy October!

Decorations for the Farm for Autistic Kids 

Hermana White

Monday, October 5, 2015

This week has been really good and busy! Transfers were good, I am
still here in Gaithersburg with my companion.

The family from Chile is doing really well. We taught them the plan of
salvation this week and they liked it a lot. This was the first lesson
that the dad attended, and we were nervous about what he would think.
He really liked it and wanted to learn more and then made us dinner
(lime chicken noodle soup) and wanted us to come back. We are really excited to start
teaching them more. The kids are scheduled for November 14, but the dad
isn't ready to commit to a date yet.

C. Is also doing really well. She is one of our new investigators. She
has liked what we have been teaching her, she is just working on
giving up coffee. She is really awesome and has a strong testimony and
she has almost been taught all the lessons.

We taught J. from El Salvador this week. It has been hard to get in
contact with her because of her work schedule and she is having a baby
in about a week. We taught the plan of salvation and she liked
learning about families.

This transfer will be a little bit crazy because my companion got
called as a sister training leader. This means I will probably be on
exchanges two times a week. This last week I spent three days on
exchanges with the companions from the other sister training leaders.
It is fun and crazy and when we are in my area I do all the teaching
because I am the only one who speaks Spanish. But it has been really
fun. On Friday I spent the whole day on exchanges in a DC English
area. It was so much fun being in the city and biking everywhere. Even
though it was pouring rain from the hurricane it was still awesome.  We
did some service projects, taught some investigators and had some good
food in DC.

Hope you guys enjoyed conference! I got to watch it English! I really
liked the talk by Thomas S Monson about having charity. One of my
favorite scriptures on my mission has been Moroni 7:46-47 and it went
right along with president Monson's talk.

Thanks for all the support!