Monday, October 26, 2015

Hi everybody! This week was really good, And pretty busy.

For our investigators, we were able to have contact with J.From El
Salvador. She has her baby last week, and we went by to see how she
was doing or if she needed anything, We didn't even have a lesson
planned, but she invited us in and said that she wanted us to teach her.
It was really cool, she loves having the lessons and wants to keep
learning more. She is really sweet and progressing really well.

C. is now has a baptism date for the 2nd of November. She had
been taught for awhile but hadn't picked a date, but she told us
this lesson that she wanted to be baptized and she chose her
date. It is really exciting, and she is really happy about it.

We met with E. From Peru, and he is still waiting for his divorce
papers. He likes learning about the gospel and has enjoyed the lessons.
His son also wants to be involved in the church so we are going to
start working with him too.

We also started teaching a family from Ecuador this week. They are
only living here in Maryland for a year while the dad does some work
at the embassy. The dad is a member but the family is not. They
stopped by the temple visitor center after they saw the temple off of
the freeway, and they took a tour with the sisters. They loved it and
wanted missionaries to stop by the house. The visitor center sent us
their info and we were able to stop by this week.

Things have been going good, we only had one exchange this week
because the other one fell through. It was good because my companion
speaks Spanish. This week was really crazy because for some reason
everyone wanted to feed us. We had a lot of lunch appointments and
for a lot of nights we even had two dinner appointments.
It hasn't really happened before where we have had three member meals
in a day, it was really crazy because  the members make you
eat a lot. The meals were all really good too!

Gaithersburg has been great! The leaves here are really amazing in the
fall and the whole city is really colorful because all the giant trees
are turning colors!

See ya next week!
P-Day at the bowling alley


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