Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

This week has been good and fun!
Fall in DC

We started off meeting with our investigator J. Who has a newborn
baby. The baby is doing well and we had a really good talk with her
about baptism and living the gospel. She loved it and really likes the
church and what we have been teaching. Our progress is slow because
she wont be able to go to church for a while with the baby but she
likes to learn and is really open to what we have to teach.

We met with C. this week and she is being baptized tonight (Oct
2nd). Everything went well with her interview and we finished
teaching her the last lesson this week. Her husband is less active and
her parents in law whom she lives with are active in the church and
the whole family is really excited for her.

We taught E. and her family again this week. They are from El Salvador
and teaching them is always a crazy adventure. The mom doesn't really
pay attention and keeps getting on her phone and zoning out and the
three kids are really crazy and are running around breaking and
spilling things during the lesson, and to add to it there are four
dogs that run around like crazy. I also had to teach that
lesson by myself because I was on exchanges and my companion didn't
speak Spanish - hahah.

I went on three exchanges this week and all of them were with English-speaking
sisters, but they were pretty fun and the sisters I was with were
really sweet!
My Friend from Spain

For Halloween our ward had a trunk or treat on Friday. It was really
fun but me and my companion ran out of candy in the first twenty
minutes. C. Was there with her family and her baby, it was really cool
to see her there and they had a fun time.
Trunk or Treat

Halloween was really fun, we had to be in our apartment at 5. We went
and got some pizza with the roommates and then
carved pumpkins and cooked pumpkin seeds.
Halloween - Home by 5pm!

Today we are spending the morning in DC with the other Sisters from the mission
  and then we have to get things ready for the baptism!
Kennedy Center Tour

Famous Cupcakes

Baptism Trip

Dinner at Dennys

P-Day with the Sisters from the Mission

Thanks for all the support!!!

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