Monday, September 28, 2015

Hi everybody! Hope you all have had a good week. I can't believe this
transfer is coming to an end! I found out that I will be staying with
my companion and in the same area so not much will change!

MONDAY: pday and then we went contacting referrals - we had some
success which was good. After we taught a family home evening lesson
to a convert family that is preparing to go to the temple. They were
really awesome and sweet and they gave us a dinner after. I'm really
liking the ward that I am in, and the members are really awesome.

TUESDAY: Tuesday night was really amazing. We didn't have any
appointments set up after our dinner with a member, so we went
tracting in a part of our area that we hadn't been to yet. Usually when we
tract, it can be rare to get success and find people who are
interested. One door we knocked was of a family who one of the older
kids was baptized in El Salvador a few years ago but stopped coming to
church when he came to the U.S. We are excited to keep working with the
family and they welcomed us in and we are trying to go back this
week. The next door we knocked was of a woman from El Salvador and she
told us that she was interested and to come back the next day.

WEDNESDAY: we had a lesson with our progressing investigator from
Honduras, He seemed to like the lesson, we taught the plan of
salvation and he wants to keep meeting with us. He likes learning and
is still thinking about baptism but is not ready to commit yet. Then
we had a lesson with our new investigator an older woman from Bolivia.
We brought a member with us and we spent the first half hour of the
lesson watching the pope and eating good Bolivian food. We then taught
part of the restoration after and talked a little about our prophet in
connection to the pope, she invited us to come back next week. That
night we went back to the door of the lady from El Salvador. She let
us in and was excited that we were there. This was one of my favorite
lessons that I have taught. She was so excited about it and committed
to read the book of Mormon and is considering baptism. She was so
sweet and so excited to learn!

THURSDAY: We had a service day at the farm. That night we had a pass off
lesson with some elders in our zone. They wanted the investigator to
be taught by the sisters so we got a new investigator. She is
progressing well and we are starting to prepare a date she just has to
give up coffee. She is really awesome!

FRIDAY: Friday was weekly planning. Then we had an appointment with
our investigator from Peru who is working on his divorce papers. We
had a member come with us, but our investigator was not home.

SATURDAY:  We visited a less active member, who committed to come to
church. Then we had our day of service. We ran a food drive at a
Safeway grocery store. It was really fun and we were able to collect a
lot of food. Then we had the opportunity to go to Women's Conference.

SUNDAY: church and a lot of meetings we were at the church from
9am-6:30pm so a very long day!

Thanks for all the support!! Hasta luego!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Hi Everybody!!!

This week has been good and really busy!

TUESDAY: We had our zone and district meetings were we went
over our goals and had some workshops. After that we met at the temple
visitor center to go on exchanges. This was my first time going on
exchanges and I went with the sister training leader from the Bowie
area. It was really cool and really different, I got to teach in
English which was nice. The area was really different then what I was
used to. Here in Gaithersburg there are mostly apartment buildings and
we do most of our appointments and tracting in apartments. In Bowie
there are giant mansions, it was really different but a really
cool experience. I also really liked the sister I got to go with and
we were able to talk with and meet some cool people.

WEDNESDAY: We ended the exchange and went tracting in a new
area that we had not been to before. We tried to visit some less
active members and were able to find some cool people to talk too.

THURSDAY: We had our last training for the greenies and we
got our ipads!!! Which was really awesome! I am excited to have mine.
New Ipad!

We also got some really awesome workshops from President and Sister
Cooke. That night we had a lesson with a member.

President & Sister Cooke

FRIDAY: Was good we had a lot of lessons. We had a quick lesson
with our new investigator that we found this week and we set a return
appointment for next week, then we had dinner with a member, and then
we had a lesson with one of our main investigators from Peru "E". E is
working on his divorce papers, but they have been having problems.
This week they are starting to move forward again and we are
excited. We taught a good lesson with them.
recent convert from Peru

SATURDAY: Our roommates were doing a finding activity with their
district where they set up a lemonade/Book of Mormon stand near a bus
stop and were contacting people. They called us that afternoon to go
help them because no one in their district spoke Spanish and there
were a lot of people there who only spoke Spanish. We came and brought some
Spanish Book of Mormons and it was really fun.

Afterwards we had our first
lesson with a family from Chile, that we got as a referral that the
elders had contacted. The elders had been trying to get in contact with
the family for 7 months but never were able to. They called and
finally got an answer and were able to get the address and found out
the family lived in our area.  We stopped by and were able to set up an
appointment for Saturday. The lesson was really good we taught the mom
who is a less active member, and the daughter who is 11 was baptized a
few years ago in Chile but the family moved here and stopped coming to
church. The husband and 10 and 8 yr old sons are not members. The
children miss church a lot and really want to go back, but the mom is
a little more nervous about coming back but she knows it is important
and wants to work on coming back. We gave each of them a Book of
 Mormon since they had left their copies in Chile and the 10 year
old held and hugged his copy for a while.  We taught the restoration and the
family was really excited and participating in it. We have set a
baptism date for the two sons for November 14 and we are really
excited about working with the family in the future. That night we
visited leaders of the ward with the ward missionaries and taught them
a short message.

SUNDAY: We had some meetings and church. After church we had
dinner at a members house, but the members had some nonmember family
members there so it was a cool experience to share a message with
everyone. That night we had an event at the visitor center called "Why
I believe". It was really cool.

Thanks for all your support!


Monday, September 14, 2015


This week was good, it was a pretty short week because we had pday on Wednesday last week,but it was a good week!.

THURSDAY: We had interviews with the Mission President and his wife. I really like them a lot. That night we had dinner with a part member family from Peru. The food was really good and the family is really sweet, it was really cool to get to know them. We have been working with their son who is not a member and the family has just recently started coming back to church. We had a good lesson, and afterwards we went knocking doors.

FRIDAY: Friday we got our first return appointment with an investigator we had met who is in his early twenties and he is from Honduras, It is hard to meet with him because he works and goes to school but we were really lucky to get an appointment because we have had a few fall through in the past. We taught him the restoration and he was pretty interested. He doesn't have much of a religious background so most concepts were new to him. He is thinking about baptism but will not fully commit, we are trying to set up our next appointment with him and are excited to keep working with him. That night we had dinner with a recent convert family from Honduras, and then we had an appointment with one of our investigators, but they were not home when we went so we ended up knocking doors.

SATURDAY: Our appointments fell through on Saturday so we spent the day contacting our referrals and looking for more people to teach! We were able to meet a ton of people but were pretty tired by the end of the day.

SUNDAY: Church was really good and I am able to understand more of what is happening. I really like my ward I think that it is a lot of fun. That night we had some more referrals that we were able to get into contact with.

MONDAY: Today for pday we went hiking in Seneca creek state park, and then bought mochi ice cream :) I really like the part of Maryland that I am in it is so pretty and it has been great!


Wednesday, September 9, 2015


This week I made my two month mark in the mission! It is really crazy how fast time flies by! Things have been really good and I have been really enjoying my area! we have a lot of work to do and I lot of tracting!

Monday: Monday was good, after pday we had dinner with some members and went tracting. We had a good time tracting, there was a lot of people out among the apartments and we were able to talk and meet with a lot of people and hand out a lot of book of Mormons. We found a lot of people that spoke Spanish!

Tuesday: Tuesday was crazy but really good. we started off with our zone meetings and then went tracting. We had a referral but could not get into the apartment building because the front door was locked, but while we were walking up our referral was just getting off of work and we were able to meet and talk with him. We talked to him for an hour on the doorstep and in the end we were not able to get a return appointment. After that we taught a member from Bolivia and had dinner with her.

Wednesday was really fun because we had a mission-wide conference for all of the sister missionaries. We went for a nature walk and then had lunch.  We then had some speakers come talk to us. After that we were able to get our bikes so now we can bike to some areas in our mission!

Thursday: We went and did service at the farm, we painted a fence, and then we helped with a maze they are setting up for the fall. that night we had a lot of referrals that we went and visited with. We had a meeting scheduled with one of our progressing investigators, but it fell through.

Friday was our most successful day tracting this week. Through tracting we met a lot of families that were interested and set up some return appointments for next week. We are really excited about a lot of them! Our other meeting with our investigator fell through. It was crazy but we were able to set up another appointment.

Saturday: Saturday was crazy we had a lot of our appointments fall through this day, but we were able to set up more. We went to chipotle with a member and then met with a less active member who was baptized a year ago. We also met with a women who has been less active for a while. We met with her last week as well, and now she has come to church two times! We were really excited about that, and now more members of her family want to be more active in the church so we are excited to keep working with them

Sunday: One of our investigators and less active members came to church this week! It was really awesome. All the new missionaries also had to go up and give a testimony, it was a little scary doing it in Spanish but the ward was really nice. Sunday night was my favorite night tracting this week. Right before we went to the area we planned to go to we got a referral from church headquarters, for the exact area we were going to so we decided to go there first. When we got there the man was standing outside his house and was really excited when he saw us. He told us that he had gone to the DC visitor center and had wanted to learn more about the church so he gave them his information, but never heard back from them for a while. For some reason it took us a while for the referral to show up in our system. He was really excited to learn more so we taught him a little bit, and he is coming to church next Sunday!
Full Time Missionary!

Monday: We helped out at our wards labor day picnic! it was so much fun we played soccer, had a sack race, and learned how to kick box. there was also some really good food, and one of our investigators came so we were able to talk with him for a while!

Putting my ballet lessons to use

Tuesday:  I had to give a workshop in district meeting. That night we went to a Peruvian restaurant with a member, and went tracting in an area we had not been to before. It was really good! we were able to teach two lessons that night and had a lot of success!

This week was really good we found a lot of potential investigators and were able to meet with some of our old investigators and less active members!