Monday, September 28, 2015

Hi everybody! Hope you all have had a good week. I can't believe this
transfer is coming to an end! I found out that I will be staying with
my companion and in the same area so not much will change!

MONDAY: pday and then we went contacting referrals - we had some
success which was good. After we taught a family home evening lesson
to a convert family that is preparing to go to the temple. They were
really awesome and sweet and they gave us a dinner after. I'm really
liking the ward that I am in, and the members are really awesome.

TUESDAY: Tuesday night was really amazing. We didn't have any
appointments set up after our dinner with a member, so we went
tracting in a part of our area that we hadn't been to yet. Usually when we
tract, it can be rare to get success and find people who are
interested. One door we knocked was of a family who one of the older
kids was baptized in El Salvador a few years ago but stopped coming to
church when he came to the U.S. We are excited to keep working with the
family and they welcomed us in and we are trying to go back this
week. The next door we knocked was of a woman from El Salvador and she
told us that she was interested and to come back the next day.

WEDNESDAY: we had a lesson with our progressing investigator from
Honduras, He seemed to like the lesson, we taught the plan of
salvation and he wants to keep meeting with us. He likes learning and
is still thinking about baptism but is not ready to commit yet. Then
we had a lesson with our new investigator an older woman from Bolivia.
We brought a member with us and we spent the first half hour of the
lesson watching the pope and eating good Bolivian food. We then taught
part of the restoration after and talked a little about our prophet in
connection to the pope, she invited us to come back next week. That
night we went back to the door of the lady from El Salvador. She let
us in and was excited that we were there. This was one of my favorite
lessons that I have taught. She was so excited about it and committed
to read the book of Mormon and is considering baptism. She was so
sweet and so excited to learn!

THURSDAY: We had a service day at the farm. That night we had a pass off
lesson with some elders in our zone. They wanted the investigator to
be taught by the sisters so we got a new investigator. She is
progressing well and we are starting to prepare a date she just has to
give up coffee. She is really awesome!

FRIDAY: Friday was weekly planning. Then we had an appointment with
our investigator from Peru who is working on his divorce papers. We
had a member come with us, but our investigator was not home.

SATURDAY:  We visited a less active member, who committed to come to
church. Then we had our day of service. We ran a food drive at a
Safeway grocery store. It was really fun and we were able to collect a
lot of food. Then we had the opportunity to go to Women's Conference.

SUNDAY: church and a lot of meetings we were at the church from
9am-6:30pm so a very long day!

Thanks for all the support!! Hasta luego!

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