Monday, September 21, 2015

Hi Everybody!!!

This week has been good and really busy!

TUESDAY: We had our zone and district meetings were we went
over our goals and had some workshops. After that we met at the temple
visitor center to go on exchanges. This was my first time going on
exchanges and I went with the sister training leader from the Bowie
area. It was really cool and really different, I got to teach in
English which was nice. The area was really different then what I was
used to. Here in Gaithersburg there are mostly apartment buildings and
we do most of our appointments and tracting in apartments. In Bowie
there are giant mansions, it was really different but a really
cool experience. I also really liked the sister I got to go with and
we were able to talk with and meet some cool people.

WEDNESDAY: We ended the exchange and went tracting in a new
area that we had not been to before. We tried to visit some less
active members and were able to find some cool people to talk too.

THURSDAY: We had our last training for the greenies and we
got our ipads!!! Which was really awesome! I am excited to have mine.
New Ipad!

We also got some really awesome workshops from President and Sister
Cooke. That night we had a lesson with a member.

President & Sister Cooke

FRIDAY: Was good we had a lot of lessons. We had a quick lesson
with our new investigator that we found this week and we set a return
appointment for next week, then we had dinner with a member, and then
we had a lesson with one of our main investigators from Peru "E". E is
working on his divorce papers, but they have been having problems.
This week they are starting to move forward again and we are
excited. We taught a good lesson with them.
recent convert from Peru

SATURDAY: Our roommates were doing a finding activity with their
district where they set up a lemonade/Book of Mormon stand near a bus
stop and were contacting people. They called us that afternoon to go
help them because no one in their district spoke Spanish and there
were a lot of people there who only spoke Spanish. We came and brought some
Spanish Book of Mormons and it was really fun.

Afterwards we had our first
lesson with a family from Chile, that we got as a referral that the
elders had contacted. The elders had been trying to get in contact with
the family for 7 months but never were able to. They called and
finally got an answer and were able to get the address and found out
the family lived in our area.  We stopped by and were able to set up an
appointment for Saturday. The lesson was really good we taught the mom
who is a less active member, and the daughter who is 11 was baptized a
few years ago in Chile but the family moved here and stopped coming to
church. The husband and 10 and 8 yr old sons are not members. The
children miss church a lot and really want to go back, but the mom is
a little more nervous about coming back but she knows it is important
and wants to work on coming back. We gave each of them a Book of
 Mormon since they had left their copies in Chile and the 10 year
old held and hugged his copy for a while.  We taught the restoration and the
family was really excited and participating in it. We have set a
baptism date for the two sons for November 14 and we are really
excited about working with the family in the future. That night we
visited leaders of the ward with the ward missionaries and taught them
a short message.

SUNDAY: We had some meetings and church. After church we had
dinner at a members house, but the members had some nonmember family
members there so it was a cool experience to share a message with
everyone. That night we had an event at the visitor center called "Why
I believe". It was really cool.

Thanks for all your support!


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