Monday, August 31, 2015


This week has been really good and really busy and DC and Maryland are super awesome!

TUES: was our pday because we had a training on Monday. we had a really awesome dinner with a hermana from Guatamala. It was awesome, she was so sweet and we had a lot of really good food, and then she gave us extra dinners to take home.  Because all of the missionaries in our area are brand new we are doing a lot of work to get to know the members and the ward. She was so sweet and we were able to get to know her and talk about faith with her. After that we went tracting.

WED. Today was our first day with our main progressing investigator E. he is 17 and his family moved here from Peru. It was really good we got to teach him and his younger sister who was recently baptized. We had a really good lesson with him and got to know him more and we are excited to go back, He says he wants to meet more and learn more. They are a really sweet family and we really enjoy working with them. That night we continued to contact and look for more people to teach, we also stopped by some ward members houses

THURS: Thursday is the day that we work at the farm in Maryland that does service with autistic children. It is really fun to work there and be there with the other missionaries. we did a lot of work on the farm with the gardens and weeding. The farm is so pretty, I  really like to be able to go up there every week. 

FRI: We had planning for our week and our investigators. We had a lesson planned with someone that we had found contacting, and taught last week, but the lesson fell through and he was not there when we went by. That night we had a lesson with another family. G. moved from El Salvador and is a member, and her husband e. from Peru and their son r. are not members but are interested in the church. They were such a sweet family and we were able to show them a video about the restoration and talked about it. E. said that he really liked the story and we are setting another appointment for next week.

SAT. we had three lessons planned with less active members, and investigators but they all fell through, so we spent a lot of the day tracting and finding people, and also looking for more members of the ward.

SUN: Sundays are really awesome we have a lot of meetings but the ward is really great and i love being there and getting to know everyone. the members are so sweet and loving.

MON: pday we went to the mall and DC. it is really gorgeous here i love it. there is so much to see! we wanted to get sunrise photos so we went to the Lincoln memorial at 6:30 am but it was really stormy so we could not see the  sun rise! but it was so amazing we saw a lot of monuments went to the national gallery and bought these really good things called pupusas from an El Salvador food truck.

DC and Maryland have been awesome I have really liked it here! 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hola from DC!!!!! this week has been so amazing and super busy!!!

getting ready to leave Mexico for DC

Tuesday: I left the MTC at 3:30 in the morning for the airport it was a really long day but we made it to DC around 3pm. It was so gorgeous we could see all the monuments from the plane and it was amazing. The first thing we did was ride the metro to the visitor center and we had to practice contacting people. Then we went to the visitor center and took pictures the temple was so amazing and beautiful. After we went to the mission home had a dinner and testimony meeting

Wednesday: I met my companion and she is so awesome! She is so sweet and i am really excited for this transfer. My area is Gaithersburg Virginia it is really pretty and pretty big. We are whitewashing the area which means they are putting all new missionaries in the area, we have a lot of work to do but are really excited. That night we had dinner with a really sweet family from Honduras and then went tracking.

Thursday: Every Thursday we spend a few hours working and doing service on a farm.  It is a farm that is for autistic children and children with disabilities, it was really cool and really pretty. We spent the rest of the day tracking and looking for new investigators.

The Farm

Friday we went to meet with a referral and investigator Luis. Luis was not home but his nephew and his nephews friend was there. They were both interested and we taught them the first lesson, they are interested in learning more and we are hoping to go back soon this next week.

Saturday: we spent the day tracking and meeting with less active members and getting to know the ward and the area.

Sunday: we had church. We were at church for nine hours with all the meetings and training that we had to do! It was awesome though! The members are really sweet and welcoming and it was really fun. We also go to participate in young women's, which was in English!

Monday. We had a meeting with a member of the seventy and learned a lot. that night we met with a recent convert from el Salvador, Oscar, and taught a part member family from Mexico!

Tuesday:  Pday! today we went hiking at Great Seneca lake state park and finished up shopping! we have a member dinner tonight.

thanks for all the support

Thursday, August 13, 2015

It is my last week here at the ccm, it is so crazy!!!
I've already learned to balance Mexican Krispy Kreme donuts on my head
This week has been really good we have been teaching so many lessons recently to get in as much practice as possible! Both of our practice investigators accepted baptism and we have to teach a few more lessons to them until we are done! Teaching church members was so fun this week! we first taught this grandma who spoke crazy fast i couldn't really understand what she was saying. The second lesson went really well, we taught an eight year old boy who had a future missionary tag on. It was my favorite lesson so far he was really happy and excited to talk and we were able to understand him a lot better than the first one! It was really fun to teach him because he was really enthusiastic and excited! I got my travel plans this week, I have to leave at 3:30 in the morning!

but I am so excited!! Pday was really good we spent most of the time packing bags and weighing our bags, went running, bought ice cream and played volleyball!

We just have a few days of leaving orientation and then to the field!
hasta luego!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

The MTC has been really busy! I can't believe that I only have one Pday left in the MTC!

 This week has been good, we are doing a lot of teaching now! I got to teach Sunday school this week and during sacrament meeting we had a Spanish testimony meeting! My favorite experience this week was our TRC lesson with members from Mexico City. We taught a young man who told us all about his conversion story. He told us how he investigated the church and how he was able to be converted by learning how to pray sincerely. It was so sweet and it was such an amazing story. TRC is my favorite time of the week it is so fun to be able to teach the members who live here. Mexico city is good, we don't get very many opportunities to leave the CCM but it is really pretty here! There is always a fiesta going on! its pretty funny we will be teaching a lesson and hear loud music or people speaking into microphones or pipe bombs going off. Every Friday night gets loud and there is a lot of music and singing to celebrate the weekend - it is so fun! This week was crazy because a lot of people and my friends left the MTC.

We finished teaching our two investigators last week and they both have baptism invitations and now we are teaching two more. Pday is pretty fun here, we played volleyball and soccer all day! Thanks for the love and support!
hasta luego!