Monday, June 27, 2016

Hey family and friends!!!!

 I have had a great first full week here in
Olney! The area is really big and we have been breaking it
down into smaller areas, working with less actives and
investigators in the different areas each day and it has been working
out well. We found one less active who was having a really hard time and
we had a good lesson with her, but after she said she didnt need our
help. She called us an hour after our lesson and said she felt a lot
better and we have been working with her. We are hoping to get her to
church this week.
Big Area = Lots of Time in the Car

A. and G are.doing well. A. had surgery, so won't able to come to church-
we only had a short lesson with her, but her mom G. is doing well and
she had us over one night and taught us how to make pupusas! It was
pretty fun and we had El Salvadorean hot chocolate.

G Knitted us these Great Shirts


C. and W. are doing well, they have three kids and are a cute family.
They like church and the lessons and they just moved in with a member
so hopefully that will help them progress, but they still have some
problems and concerns to get through. We had a good lesson with them
and our ward mission leader. The member there has a crazy dog and it
kept climbing on us and biting people during the lesson so we will
have to find something to do with it next time, but besides that it
went well.
Working on the Farm

This week the family from Guatemala got baptized!! It was so sweet and
they were so happy. The husband kept crying and they both bore really
cute testimonies! It was a really good experience. The ward has been
so great with helping them and they were so excited to join the ward.

Today for pday we went to Great Falls State Park and did some of the
hikes there. It was really pretty.

Dunkin Donuts

This area has been great, there are a lot of people here that speak
Spanish and it has a lot of potencial. We fasted for new investigators
and we had a someone we met while tracting come to church on Sunday:)

This week we also found a good Brazilian bakery and caught some
fireflies haha so its been a fun week.

Thanks for all the support!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Hola amigos y familia!!

This week was really busy and crazy, it felt like it was a month long
but it turned out good. I got the call on Monday night that I would be
transferring way up north to Olney Maryland. Whoo hoo. It is super
different than the city. I traded big buildings for cows and little
farm houses haha. But I really like Olney, it has been great.

Tuesday night before I left we put the Guatemalan family on a babtism date.
They are so excited, and ready :) They want to be baptized on June 25. They
love church and have been learning so much
in the classes, we were surprised at how much they already know.
member owns this restaurant, we eat free!

Tuesday we went around and said goodbye to a lot of our investigators
and members. It was sad but good, I have really liked my time that I
had in this area.

Olney is giant, we cover the ward and the area is so big. My last area
we could walk to almost all of our appointments, but here we have to
drive like 30 min to all our different appointments. Its good though
because there is a lot of work to be done here and a lot of places to
find people.
Mount Pleasant District

A. and G. are are most progressing. G. is a less active and was
baptized in El Salvador a long time ago, but we can't find her
records... They love coming to church and have been really interested
in our lessons. They are really cute, and A's husband is really
interested as well, he comes to church but because of work sometimes
he cant be there for our lessons.
Father's Day activity

GoodBye to Mount Pleasant

Elders got to our car

We found a new finding tool. Haha its Zumba class. A lady in the
english ward has started to teach a Zumba class in the church gym
Saturday mornings, and most of the people that come are Spanish
speaking investigators. Its really awesome haha. Our investigators
love it and have started to meet and make connections with the ward
members. Its been working really well, both A. and G. go and love it.
And we are working with the lady who teaches it to try and get more
investigators there and members to help fellowship. Its been really
zoomba treats and scriptures

This week we did a lot of finding, there are a lot of apartments here
with Spanish speakers and we got a few new investigators. We have also
been calling all the potentials and less active members in our area book.
saying goodbye to C

A bought us Froyo

C from Guatemala 

here are so many but we are hoping we can start getting in contact
with everyone.

Also HAPPY FATHERS DAY to my awesome dad.

Thanks for all the support:)


Monday, June 13, 2016

Hey everyone!!!!! It was a crazy week we had a lot going on!
First off congrats to my brother Matt for finishing his two year
mission in Ecuador!
My brother and Parents in Quito

Also callouts were this week, and Im leaving Mount Pleasant. Its crazy,
I have really liked Mount Pleasant and I'm sad to leave, but I'm excited
to meet my new area and my new companion. There are a lot of options so
I have no idea where I will be going.

Our family from Guatamala is great. They are almost done with all the
lessons!! They are just trying to find a time for the baptism that
works best with the wife's work schedule, but they are so excited. The
husband and son have been to church over 10 times now.

We are working with C. who just moved here from El Salvador. He is
great and is really interested, he is reading and learning a lot and
loves what he is reading. He is also going to come to our English

It was sad saying goodbye to all the branch members this week. This
has been my favorite branch but it was good, they are all so sweet. We
put on a ward missionary activity and made up a game for the members
to play. It was so cool. Our recent convert A. liked the missionary
activity so much that the next day on Sunday she brought a friend to
church with her.

This week at church was amazing, we had five investigators at church.
Everyone just decided to come this week. It was really cool but kinda
crazy trying to keep track of them all. But we think some of them
liked it. We had a cute mom and daughter from Ecuador come with us to
sacrament and they liked it a lot, they are meeting us for fhe tonight

A  fellow Sister painted this picture of me! I love it!

El Salvador Soccer Jersey

Thanks for everything!!!
Hasta luego!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Hey everyone!! This week has been great here in DC.

The family from Guatamala is doing really well. They cried during our
lesson this week and they told us how the gospel has
completley changed their lives and made them so happy. They said they
felt like they always had everything but now they realize that
something was missing. They are so active in coming to church and
everything. When we are talking they feel like they need more time to
be prepared. They are taking it really seriously and are praying about
a b date. We may have to move it back one or two weeks, depending how
they feel after praying.

C. Is doing well. She is still coming to church and she loves
learning!! She is basically a member and is doing well. She right now is
thinking about having her boyfriend move out so we will see.

This week we also got to go on a temple trip and I went on xchanges
in Olney Maryland. It was really nice it was a cool area. We had a
lot of fun.

This week we also helped with a Salvation Army service project and we
passed out free Krispy Kreme donuts at Le Enfant plaza all Friday
morning. It was pretty great, and we helped eat them too.

Things have been great here I love my area and the people that we are
working with.
Thanks for everything!!!
Sister White