Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hey everyone!! This week was pretty good. On Tuesday night I got to go
back to my first area in Gaithersburg. My old investigator E. from
Peru finally got his divorce papers processed and he was baptized,
along with his eight year old son. It was such a good
experience and I was so happy I got the opportunity to go see them!

C. Is doing well. She and her daughter and her daughter's 4 yr old
twins came to church on Sunday! It went really well and we were
excited for them. C. still doesn't have a new baptismal date but she
is doing well, she acts like a member. She told us how much the church
and what she has learned has helped her out in her life and in her
family. C. and her daughter also took us out to go get pupusas this
week, they were so good.

The family from Guatemala is doing great. The husband and son have
been to church 8 times now and it has been so good for them. The wife
comes when she can but she is working a lot! They are still looking
good for baptism on the 12th of June.

This week we had zone conference. Its basically 7hrs of workshops at
the stake center. The workshops were great and we got good food. We
talked a lot about the importance of the restoration.

English class is still going great, its so fun to teach and give back
to some of the ward members and investigators. We are about half way
done with the english lessons.

This week we had a really fun dinner with the releif society
presidency while we helped them translate some things for the stake.
They made us salmon kabobs and a peruvian potato dish.

Things have been great. Today for pday we went into the city, went for
a run and bought soccer jerseys!!!

Thanks for all the support!!!!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Hola mis amigos. DC has been pretty good this week. It has rained
almost everyday! We had some great experiences this week. First
our district leader challenged every companionship to get 100 contacts
this week. It was a good challenge - a lot of the time we get caught up in
running from appointment to appointment so that we forget to talk to
people on the street. We met some really cool people and some crazy
people but its all good.

C.  wasn't able to get married :( we dont have a
new b-date for her yet but she is still coming to church and is liking
it, hopefully we can try again for a date).

The family from Guatemala is great. They love church and are doing
well. The wife got a new job which is keeping her pretty busy but she
is doing great anyways. Their little boy loves primary and loves to
Guatemala Family's Door

R. our less active came to church again! And she told us she never
wants to miss another day of church. She also wants to start preparing
to go to the temple. We are so excited for her, she is doing great and
the branch loves her.
ESL Classes

For pday we went to the American History Museum. It was way cool. We
saw a lot of fun stuff!!!
American History Museum

Latin American Diner

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hey everyone!!! We have had a good and rainy week!

We got to do service at the drug rehabilitation center at
the salvation army in DC with our district and another district in our
zone. We planted a garden and weeded a tennis court it was really
D.C Salvation Army

This week was also the recent converts' temple trip. We got to go with
A. and watch him do baptisms. He really liked doing them and it was a
good experience. I also got to see a lot of people that I worked with
in my other areas. It was a great experience.
Peruvian Friends from Gaithersburg

The visitor center also had Why I Believe this week and I got to see
even more members from the other wards that I have served in, it was
really nice to talk to them again.

C. is doing ok. As of right now it doesnt look like she will be able
to get married in time for May 22. But we are going to continue
working with her and I hope we can help her out.

C. and S. are doing great. Their baptism got moved to June 12, because
we have stake conference on the 5th. C. just got a job at Burger King
and they are doing great! We are so happy for them.

We found two new investigators this week, and they both came to church
on Sunday!!! It was so great to see them there and we think they had a
good time.

R., a less active came with us to church, the members were so sweet
to her and she loved it so much! We are so happy for her.

Thanks so much for everything!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, May 9, 2016

Hey everyone!!! Happy mothers day!

This week has been really busy but it was also great!

We talked with C. and her boyfriend this week and they are getting a
lot closer to marriage. We are really excited for them and we hope
that it goes well. She is set for May 22.

Our cute family from Guatemala is doing great. They have come to
church five weeks in a row now and they are loving it. They have a
great understanding and are so willing to learn. And every time we go
over they give us pizza or donuts haha:)
The little boy is only seven but he keeps talking about how he is
excited to turn 8 so he can be baptized. Right now they are on date
for June 5.

We had transfers this week, and my companion left. My new companion is
Sister Pacheco from Mexico.

This week our ward had a cool mothers day dinner, and we had a ton of
good food. Some members did karaoke and our family from Guatemala
came, but they didn't want to sing karaoke.

We got to Skype on Sunday as well. It was so cool to see and talk with
my family!!

We have spent a lot of time talking to people on the street and
out knocking doors! And we have been able to find a few new

I also hit my ten month mark this week!!! It has gone by so fast.

Thanks for all the support
Hasta luego

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hola mis familia y amigas!
I hope everyones week has been good. Things have been good here we had
a pretty busy week!!
knocking doors

We got to meet with C. and S. from Guatemala. They are doing awesome,
they really liked and understood the Restoration and they have been at
church 4 times now. Their seven year old son also really likes primary
and coming to church. They are so cute and C. has been coming to our
English classes also!!

A member came with us to C. and we started talking about baptism. She
committed to May 22 to be baptized and we are so excited, we are
meeting all together this next week to plan out the details of the
wedding. We are so excited for her, just this last week she sincerely
prayed about Joseph Smith and said she knows he was a prophet and that
the Book of Mormon is true.

F. is doing well but she has been kind of sick so we had to cut our
lesson short with her.

This week we got some good food, and even some pizza. Our new
investigator loves pizza and gives it to us when we come over. So I'm
pretty happy about that.
English Classes

This week my friend from college, Carrie came on exchanges with us, we
got to meet with a lot of different investigators and recent converts,
and also got charamuscas, a salvadorean popsicle.

We had call-outs this week and I will be staying in the area, but my
companion is leaving! I will learn who my new companion is later
Someone saran wrapped our car.  Probably the Elders.....

Thanks for everything!!!!!
Les quiero