Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hey everyone!!! We have had a good and rainy week!

We got to do service at the drug rehabilitation center at
the salvation army in DC with our district and another district in our
zone. We planted a garden and weeded a tennis court it was really
D.C Salvation Army

This week was also the recent converts' temple trip. We got to go with
A. and watch him do baptisms. He really liked doing them and it was a
good experience. I also got to see a lot of people that I worked with
in my other areas. It was a great experience.
Peruvian Friends from Gaithersburg

The visitor center also had Why I Believe this week and I got to see
even more members from the other wards that I have served in, it was
really nice to talk to them again.

C. is doing ok. As of right now it doesnt look like she will be able
to get married in time for May 22. But we are going to continue
working with her and I hope we can help her out.

C. and S. are doing great. Their baptism got moved to June 12, because
we have stake conference on the 5th. C. just got a job at Burger King
and they are doing great! We are so happy for them.

We found two new investigators this week, and they both came to church
on Sunday!!! It was so great to see them there and we think they had a
good time.

R., a less active came with us to church, the members were so sweet
to her and she loved it so much! We are so happy for her.

Thanks so much for everything!!!!!!!!!!


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