Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hola mis familia y amigas!
I hope everyones week has been good. Things have been good here we had
a pretty busy week!!
knocking doors

We got to meet with C. and S. from Guatemala. They are doing awesome,
they really liked and understood the Restoration and they have been at
church 4 times now. Their seven year old son also really likes primary
and coming to church. They are so cute and C. has been coming to our
English classes also!!

A member came with us to C. and we started talking about baptism. She
committed to May 22 to be baptized and we are so excited, we are
meeting all together this next week to plan out the details of the
wedding. We are so excited for her, just this last week she sincerely
prayed about Joseph Smith and said she knows he was a prophet and that
the Book of Mormon is true.

F. is doing well but she has been kind of sick so we had to cut our
lesson short with her.

This week we got some good food, and even some pizza. Our new
investigator loves pizza and gives it to us when we come over. So I'm
pretty happy about that.
English Classes

This week my friend from college, Carrie came on exchanges with us, we
got to meet with a lot of different investigators and recent converts,
and also got charamuscas, a salvadorean popsicle.

We had call-outs this week and I will be staying in the area, but my
companion is leaving! I will learn who my new companion is later
Someone saran wrapped our car.  Probably the Elders.....

Thanks for everything!!!!!
Les quiero

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