Monday, April 25, 2016


DC is going great. Our investigators are doing well and we are hoping
to see some more progression.

C. is ready for baptism but she needs to get married first. We talked
about Joseph Smith and the restoration and she liked it and believes
it, but she cant get her boyfriend to commit to marriage.

F. is consistently reading the book of mormon, and understands it
really well. We talked about baptism a little bit, but she doesn't
want to commit to anything until she has learned a little more.

C. and E. are husband and wife .They love church and seem to love
learning about the gospel. We have our first appointment with them this
week, we are excited to see how it goes.

This week the young adult center (an old church building turned into a
ysa activity building) hosted a giant bbq and all the missionaries in
dc spent two hours before tracting and street contacting to try and
invite people in the area to come. We found a cute family who came and
loved it, but we had to pass them off to the English missionaries.

Me and my companion got asked if we were nuns this week....

We also crashed a families bbq but they let us share a short message
and said they wanted to learn more so we are going to go back next

Today for pday we played sand volleyball down at the mall and then had a bbq

A Senior Couple took us out to dinner at an African restaurant


Thanks for all the support!!!
Nos vemos

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