Monday, April 4, 2016

Hey Everyone!!!!
D.C. In Bloom

I hope everyone enjoyed conference this week! Its so fun watching
conference on the mission (except when we had to watch a session in
Spanish). It is so great to hear all of the amazing talks! We had the
opportunity to watch it with C. one of our investigators. She usually
is shy and doesn't talk too much, but after conference she talked to us
for a long time telling us how much she loved it and how wonderful it
is. She watched 3 sessions and wants us to come over and watch the
talks she missed with her. It was really awesome, we are excited for
her and she has been able to get work off to come to church the last
few weeks. We are excited for her.
Women's Conference

C. is doing well, we were able to meet with her twice, and one time a
member came with us. She is really cute and has only lived here a few
months and has a four year old boy. She loves learning but works every
Sunday so her progression is slow.

F. is really sweet. She is a self-referral. Her neighbor was LDS and
she went to church with her sometimes and now she wants to learn more.
She lives by herself and has grown children, she is really sweet, but
talks a lot, it can be hard to get a word in!

We found about 5 new investigators this week, now we just need to keep
following up and see who is interested and who isn't. We found two
cute families last week and we are hoping that they will work out, we
have been wanting to teach a family!
Cuban Restaurant

Happy Easter!

DC Chapel

Member was supposed to live here.....

This week we had our second encounter with our less active's brother.
We have been teaching a sweet less active and she loves relearning
everything, but whenever her brother is over he just wants to fight
with us. Our last lesson he showed up right before we finished and we
got stuck there while he tried to argue with us. Haha it was

Thanks for all the support!

Hasta luego!

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