Monday, March 28, 2016

Hey everybody!!!!

Its been a good week here in DC. The cherry blossoms are in bloom and
the city is really pretty. Its been crazy - whenever we are walking on
the street we keep running into our investigators, it's good because we
haven't had contact with some of them in a few weeks.

J. is doing really well. He loves meeting with us and loves the
lessons. He wants to start meeting twice a week. He was supposed to
come to church on Sunday, but his work schedule changed. Hopefully he
can come next week.

C. is doing really well, we have been meeting with her pretty
consistently. She is sweet and likes our lessons. She is just a little
busy trying to find a job to support her and her son. She doesn't have
too much of a religious background but really likes learning.
getting Chinese food

We were pretty successful this week when we went tracting,
and found some people that seemed pretty interested. Last week when we
went tracting in an apartment building someone called management on us
haha, but this week went a lot better.
D.C.has some cool art

This tranfer has been good, my companion and I have been working hard
on our Spanish and it has been helping a lot. The hardest thing is
trying to understand all of the different accents people speak here
from all the different countries, but it's fun.
my district

Sunday I got sick and I have been inside since then, but hopefully we
will be able to go out and meet with people soon.

Thanks for everything!
Nos Vemos!!!

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