Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hey everybody!!!!!! This week has been great. The biggest surprise:  I
have been transferred to California! Haha not really it has just been
in the 70's all week! I love it! Its been the first time I haven't had
to use my winter coat in a while.

Our investigators are doing well. We met with I. again. We taught the
plan of salvation and she really liked it. She seems really
interested in our message and she believes that the Book of Mormon is
the word of God. She is so sweet and we are so excited to keep working
with her.
referral address brought us here

C. is doing well. She likes our lessons and we taught the plan of
salvation, but she can be kind of hard to get a hold of.

pass-along cards

K. is doing really well. He took us out to get fancy sandwiches, and
he is getting back to being active in the church. He wants to get his
patriarchal blessing now. We are so excited for him.

A. is an 18 yr old less active young woman from El Salvador. She came
to the church for the first time in like 2 or 3 yrs for a
relief society birthday dinner. She really liked it and we had a good

C. from Landover hills got baptized, it was so great. He was there
with his brother and they are so excited, they love the Book of Mormon
and the church. It was an amazing experience.

Things have been great here!! The best food we got here this week was
some Columbian empanadas!

For P-Day we went for a run by the Potomac river.

Thanks for everything!

Hasta luego!

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