Monday, March 7, 2016

Hi Everybody!!!!!!

This week has been great!!! We have made some awesome progress with some
of our investigators and have had some great
experiences!!! I love being in the city, it's an amazing place.

J. Is doing really well, we taught her the restoration this week, and
she seemed to like it!!! She was really excited to come to church and
we were going to stop by and pick her up but she got the flu. We will
have to go next week. She is 22 and she loves cats and has rescued a
ton of them so the whole time we are teaching cats are always crawling
all over us. Haha last lesson the cats kept lying on top of our plan
of salvation cutouts. But the lessons have been good.

I. is doing well, she has only been in the U.S for about a month.
She has been really liking the lessons and said she believed the story
of the restoration. This week she called us up crying, and said her
daughter was bleeding from her ears. We were able to call a member and
get a ride to the hospital. We went to the hospital as well and were
able to translate for some of the nurses, luckily the doctors had
translators! We were there for over 4 hrs but we were able to help her
and her daughter calm down and feel better. We talked to them
yesterday and they are doing a lot better.
Our Patient was playing with my Ipad and took this photo

C., the mom of our recent convert, came to church and she loved it. She
loves the gospel the only problem is she isn't married, and they seem
unsure about if they are going to get married. She loves the lessons
and she even asked if she could come out and teach other investigators
the lessons with us. She is really sweet we love meeting with her.
Temple Visitor's Center with Less Active Members

We had some good Bolivian food this week. A member took is out to a
restaurant and we had Silpancho. Its this giant stack of french fries,
then steak, than eggs, and tomatoes and it was really good. Its fun
trying food from all of the different countries!!!
Bolivian Restaurant

V. from my old area got baptized!! I wasn't able to make it to the
baptism but we are really excited for him!! He was on date before I
left and he was able to keep all of his commitments and keep the same
baptism date.  His brothers date has been pushed back a little bit

Things have been great.

I am loving my mission and loving DC!!! Thanks
for everything!!!!!!!

Nos Vemos!!!!

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