Monday, September 26, 2016

Hola hola hola!! I hope everyone has had a good week! Things are great
here in Annapolis! We are loving the area a lot. My other companion
left so we are here getting the area figured out, and we are very
grateful for our GPS because the roads are super crazy!

Things are going really well with our investigator A. The Spa Creek
branch is amazing! The members have been so helpful and so awesome.
They all have welcomed her and helped her participate and have become
good friends with her. A. told us she has no family here beside her
husband and kids and she feels like the church is her family now!
Sister Bateman's 6 month mark

K. is our other investigator that went to "Why I Believe" with us. She
works at Coldstone (and we take good advantage of that haha:) she works
a lot but we are hoping to get her to church sometime.
with K at Why I Believe

Today we went to Annapolis and walked around the city for a while! It
was great!! A member found us and bought us crab cakes, and then we
bought giant ice cream sandwiches. We are loving this town!!

member's turtle

Us with our Branch President and family

With Coach Ken from Meet the Mormons

Thanks so much for everything
Hasta ver!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Hola Hola Familia y Amigos!!

This week was great! We are seeing some real progress here in the
ward! First, our invesitgator A. is doing great. She came to church and
she loved it and her two cute kids loved it too. The branch was super
great with them. She told us that she wants to come next week too!

We met a new investigator K. this week! She works at Cold Stone and we
meet with her there! She is pretty open to learning but has a few
things she is struggling with right now. She got work off to come with
us to "Why I Believe" and she seemed to like it!

Our branch also did a service project swap this week.  People came and
dropped stuff at the church and then people who needed clothes or
other things came to the church on Saturday and could pick it up for
free.  It was fun to serve with the branch and we even got some new

We are loving it here in Annapolis! Thanks for all the support!!


Monday, September 12, 2016

Hola everyone!!! Hope everyone had a great week!!!! This week was
awesome! It was sad saying good bye to everyone in Olney we had some
amazing people that we were working with. On Monday night we got the
call-outs and now I am in Annapolis Maryland!

Visiting with "P"

Olney District
Its really cute here, we like it a lot. I am in a trio right now but
one of the companions is going home in a few days but we have had fun
Service Project

We are working in the Spa Creek Branch, and the area covers the stake
so we have a lot of potential to find and teach people. We are working
with a really cool investigator A. She is from Mexico and is really
interested in learning more.

Outside a member's home

This week we have been working hard to try and figure out the new area
and learn all the new members and investigators. I love the branch,
they are so fun!

Annapolis is so much fun and the people are awesome!! We spent all day
in the city today and it was so fun!
Thanks for everything!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Hola Familia y Amigos!!

I cant believe it but it is the end of a transfer! I have been in
Olney for 3 months and I'm leaving on Wednesday!! I'm not sure where I'm
going or who my companion is but I will find out later tonight!

Olney was a great area and I loved all of the awesome people that we
were working with here, but I'm excited to go somewhere new too!

This week we had problems with our car headlights so we had to spend
some time at the Subaru dealership but at least we can drive at night

Our less active G. that we are working with is doing really well!! She
announced to us this week that she is quitting her Sunday job so she
can come to church! She hasn't been to church in years, we are so
excited for her!

D. Is doing really well, we had an awesome lesson with her and she is
progressing.  We are hoping to get her to meet some of the
members this week and hopefully get her to church because she doesn't
have a car.

Thanks for all the support!
Hey Everyone!!! Sorry this email is a week late! But things have been
good up here in Olney! We did get in contact with W. and C again, they
are living in Gaithersburg and we set up an appointment with us and the
elders in Gaithersburg to pass them off!

D. is our cool new investigator that moved here a few weeks ago from
El Salvador. She is awesome and says that she has been looking for a
church and guidance. She is so sweet we love meeting with her!

This week our ward a had a missionary activity where everyone can
invite their friends and we bring less active members and
investigators. This month it was a pool party haha. We couldn't swim
but we did meet some new investigators and get some good appointments
set up - haha.

We got to meet with one of our less active members and she is doing
really well, and she came to the pool party and has been listening to
the Book of Mormon on CD we are excited to keep watching her

This week at the farm a miniature baby pony was born and we got to see
it at a week old! It was so cute. We go and work with people with
special needs as they learn how to work on a farm, and ride and groom horses,
It was pretty fun this week.