Monday, February 29, 2016

Hey Everybody!!!!!!

This week was great we taught a lot of good lessons and found three
new investigators!!! I am loving my time here in the city. It is so
fun to spend everyday in DC. Our ward is great and the members are so
nice. We have gotten a lot of good food. We also found an amazing
donut shop in our area.
Zombie Donuts in DC


Our investigators are doing well. C. Was progressing but
she moved to California to live with her daughter. J. Is doing well we
have still had some good contact with her but she is having a hard
time coming to church but we are still meeting with her and are
excited to watch her progress. We met S. She has an eight year old
son and she used to meet with missionaries about a year ago, but they
stopped coming because she had to work Sundays and couldn't go to
church. Now her worked changed and she can come to church, we are
excited to keep working with her.
Member girl 
We had one crazy experience with a member who came
out with us. We knocked a few doors of investigators who didn't
answer, and when we left she left a business card in their door, and
wrote down their apartment number and address. It was weird. Than we
knocked a door and got in for a first lesson, we were sitting down and
started to explain who we were and what our purpose was when our
member ran into her kitchen and grabbed a glass out of her cupboard
and started drinking her water. She told her that her water tasted bad
and that she can sell her a water filter.  Then she started getting out this
binder and pulling out all this stuff and made out investigator call
the company, and we spent the next 40 minutes watching her sell a
water filter. It was so funny and crazy.

sunrise with my sisters


Things have been awesome here, I am really enjoying my time in the
mission. This week we had so many opportunities to teach the
restoration and it was such a great experience. I love teaching and it
is so exciting when someone accepts the message. It has been great to
see the change the gospel has made in the life of the recent convert.
He seems a lot happier now and is progressing a lot.

Gracias por todo
Hasta luego

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