Monday, February 15, 2016

Hey Everybody!

This week has been super great, I am loving the city.  We have had a lot of cool experiences this week. 
Young Womens' night at the Visitor Center

We have a new investigator, "J".  She is about 22 years old.  She rescues cats and walks dogs.  She is super cute and we are excited to work with her.  She seems pretty interested in our message and said she wants to come to church.  She used to meet with the elders when she was younger, but hasn't seen the missionaries for a while.  We taught her the plan of salvation and she really liked it.  We were able to answer a lot of questions she had and she is liking what we are teaching.  We are meeting with her again this week.  

We have been working with "A", the recent convert.  He is doing well and he passed the sacrament for the first time on Sunday.  We were able to go to the visitor center with him this week and it was a really cool experience. 

Judy was baptized this week!  It was amazing and I was able to go back to Landover Hills for the baptism.  It was a really good experience and we are so happy for her.  

We have been doing a lot of tracting, but we have been able to find some new investigators and have some good experiences!  We have found some  areas with a lot of people who speak Spanish. 

The city is great, whenever we are tracting or going to appointments we always run into really cool things like embassies or chapels.  Last PDay we went out to eat then to a giant basilica.  It was really cool.  

Thanks for all the support!!!!!

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