Monday, February 1, 2016

Hey everyone!!! Hope everything has been going well!! Things have been good
here in Land Over Hills Maryland!!!

To start off today we went to J's marriage at the courthouse! We are
so excited for her and now she is all ready for her baptism which will
take place on February 13. She is doing really well and we are excited
for her.
Wedding Day!

V. Is doing really well. We have been meeting with him pretty
consistently and he has been coming to church as well. He really likes
what he is learning and says he has received answers to his prayers
about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. He is progressing well and
will be baptized on March 6.

This week we also had a cool service opportunity. We came across a man
who had crashed really bad and had broken his bicycle, and we
were able to help him carry his bike back home along with his groceries and
help him out a little bit. After he told us he used to meet with
missionaries and would be interested in meeting with them again.

We were able to leave our apartment again on Tuesday because of all
the snow. It was good, but we still couldn't make it to some of our
appointments earlier in the week because some of the roads were not

I found our this week that i am getting transferred next Wednesday!!!
I'm not sure where I am going or who will be my companion but I'm
excited to find out. I'm sad to leave this area because it has been
really good but I'm also excited to see where I will be going!
My Zone


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