Monday, May 23, 2016

Hola mis amigos. DC has been pretty good this week. It has rained
almost everyday! We had some great experiences this week. First
our district leader challenged every companionship to get 100 contacts
this week. It was a good challenge - a lot of the time we get caught up in
running from appointment to appointment so that we forget to talk to
people on the street. We met some really cool people and some crazy
people but its all good.

C.  wasn't able to get married :( we dont have a
new b-date for her yet but she is still coming to church and is liking
it, hopefully we can try again for a date).

The family from Guatemala is great. They love church and are doing
well. The wife got a new job which is keeping her pretty busy but she
is doing great anyways. Their little boy loves primary and loves to
Guatemala Family's Door

R. our less active came to church again! And she told us she never
wants to miss another day of church. She also wants to start preparing
to go to the temple. We are so excited for her, she is doing great and
the branch loves her.
ESL Classes

For pday we went to the American History Museum. It was way cool. We
saw a lot of fun stuff!!!
American History Museum

Latin American Diner

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