Thursday, August 6, 2015

The MTC has been really busy! I can't believe that I only have one Pday left in the MTC!

 This week has been good, we are doing a lot of teaching now! I got to teach Sunday school this week and during sacrament meeting we had a Spanish testimony meeting! My favorite experience this week was our TRC lesson with members from Mexico City. We taught a young man who told us all about his conversion story. He told us how he investigated the church and how he was able to be converted by learning how to pray sincerely. It was so sweet and it was such an amazing story. TRC is my favorite time of the week it is so fun to be able to teach the members who live here. Mexico city is good, we don't get very many opportunities to leave the CCM but it is really pretty here! There is always a fiesta going on! its pretty funny we will be teaching a lesson and hear loud music or people speaking into microphones or pipe bombs going off. Every Friday night gets loud and there is a lot of music and singing to celebrate the weekend - it is so fun! This week was crazy because a lot of people and my friends left the MTC.

We finished teaching our two investigators last week and they both have baptism invitations and now we are teaching two more. Pday is pretty fun here, we played volleyball and soccer all day! Thanks for the love and support!
hasta luego!

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