Thursday, July 30, 2015

Halfway through the MTC! it is so crazy because I dont feel like I have been here that long but I am so excited to get to washington DC. This week was really good!

We started this thing called TRC where we have members from Mexico City come to the MTC and we get to teach them a lesson! It was my favorite part of the week, I was a little nervous at first because before that our only investigators were our teachers playing a part. It was so nice I got to teach a really sweet grandma who told us all about her family and how the gospel has helped her family so much! It was really awesome.

After that we got to teach a sister missionary rm who had just got back from Peru, she was so sweet! I had a really good experience with it and we get to teach two TRC lessons every Saturday which will be really fun! I did my first day of solo Espanol where I am only allowed to speak Spanish. 

I did pretty well but sometimes I would keep accidently speaking english! Other than that my two investigators now have baptism dates in a few weeks and the lessons are going really well! Im having a lot of fun in the MTC and like it a lot! One fun thing is every week we get 120 pesos to spend at the store. I love going and trying all of the mexican candy it is so good!


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