Thursday, July 16, 2015

My First Week in the CCM

Hola! my first week at the CCM was really good! my companion is Hermana J and she is really sweet. Every day we have classes from 7 in the morning to 9:30 at night! its crazy. WE have a lot of different classes all day, language, doctrine fundamentals, and online Spanish games, but all of the classes are in Spanish. We speak and hear Spanish almost all day, but it is helping me learn a lot. On our second day here we had to teach a 30 min lesson in Spanish to a practicing investigator, David. It was really crazy and fun to have to have a full conversation in Spanish for 30 min. David talks pretty fast and says a lot but i am starting to understand more. We have  to teach David a lesson almost everyday, and we have committed him to baptism! The campus here is amazing! it is really big and gorgeous. There are a ton of palm trees here and they are full of bright lime green parakeets, it is pretty cute. I live in a pink casa. There are four hermanas in my room, and five rooms in the casa. they are pretty nice I  like them a lot. Every night we get to sleep to the sounds of pipe bombs, gun shots, and sirens. Its crazy and happens multiple times every night! I haven't got to see a lot of Mexico City but the drive in was really cool. The city is really colorful and lively, its also giant! The food here is pretty good, a lot of good Mexican dishes and desserts, but Tuesday is always Costco pizza night! My district is really cool! we have a lot of fun and two other elders are going to my mission with me. Love You Guys!

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