Sunday, July 26, 2015

Weekly Update


This week has been really good and I have really enjoyed my time here! This week I had to give a talk on sunday in sacrament meeting. They will randomly call up four people to give a talk in spanish after the sacrament. I think the talk went pretty well, I told the whole branch that Alma the younger was able to repent of his fishes, but other then that it was good haha. On Sunday my companion and I got called as the new sister training leaders. We have a new district coming in today and we had to plan an activity and do some things for them.

We do A LOT of teaching! all in spanish it is crazy but fun. This week we are giving seven twenty minute Spanish lessons to our teachers, and on Sunday a member from Mexico city is going take a lesson from us! My parents are amazing and sent me a box of krispy kreme donuts this week, it was pretty awesome!

This week morning teacher hermano Salvador had me teach the district a forty minute lesson in Spanish about the Book of Mormon. It was kind of difficult but I think that it is helping my Spanish a lot!

 Pday was so awesome this week. we got to take a trip to the Mexico city temple. The drive was about forty minutes long so we got to see a lot of the city. The temple was beautiful we got a tour of it from the sister missionaries and watched a film. It had a pretty big and beautiful visitor center! it was really pretty!

hasta luego!

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