Monday, November 9, 2015

We started this week with C.'s baptism. Its was a really cool
experience. A lot of family members and friends came to
support her. It was a really nice experience and we are so excited for
her and her family. She was confirmed in church this last Sunday.
C's Baptism with Her Family

C's Baptism Day

J. Is doing really well. We have been getting to see her pretty
consistently and she is progressing well. She likes to learn and her
family is very supportive of her. Hopefully she will be able to come
to church as soon as her baby gets a little older.

We have been working with a really sweet part member family from
Mexico for a few months. The parents are members and the two kids are
not, but the father does not want his children to be baptized or go to
church, but the kids and the mom want us to come over to teach them.
We have started getting the two boys involved with scouts and they are
really excited to start scouting.

We were able to find a really cool family from Honduras this week to
teach. We got a referral on our area book, that said the family wanted
some bibles and we dropped some by. It turns out one of the children
in the family wanted to learn more about the bible and more about
religion and figured out how to order one off of They were
really sweet and wanted us to come back to teach them more.

This week my companion had to go to all the different zones in the
missions and we got to see a lot of different areas of the mission. I
also got to go on some fun exchanges this week.

This week was also my companion's birthday and some members took us out
to eat and me and my companion went to go get ice cream!

This week we had our call-outs and I will be leaving. I'm the only one
in my apartment going.  Wednesday I will find out where my new area is!!!
Winner-Winner Candy Dinner - P-Day Zone Activity

P-Day with the Zone
Hasta luego!

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