Monday, November 23, 2015

This week has been good and I am liking my new area a lot!

We met with our progressing investigator J. a couple times this week.
She is doing well, but we changed her baptism date to January 10,
because she decided not to get married until January. She is doing
well and is liking church and our lessons.

Our recent convert, I. is doing well. We met with her this week and we
are starting to get things ready to take her to the recent convert
baptism temple trip that is happening later this month. We are really
excited for her to do that.

We also had contact with G. this week. He is the son of the woman we
made carnitas with last week. We aren't sure if he is interested or
not, so we gave him a book of Mormon and invited him to read it.

This week we had a lot of success visiting less active members. Some
have not had contact with missionaries for a long time, but we were
able to visit them this week. A lot of them are going to try and come
back to church and we are really excited for them.
"heart attack" for a less active member

Driving in Maryland/ DC area is really crazy, but it has been good. We
have a device in our car called Tiwi, that will record when we drive
above the speed limit, so far it has only marked me down once....
our hot rod

We have really sweet members in this area who like to feed us a lot.
The meals are great and it helps us get to know and connect with them.
Some of our investigators like to feed us as well - but this
week I had to eat cow tongue, again!

Things have been great here! Thanks for all the support!!!

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