Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a good week and a happy thanksgiving! Things have
been going well here.

This week we met with A. again and she is doing really well. We taught
her about the Book of Mormon & prayer and she agreed to be baptized
on January 17. We are so excited to keep working with her and watching
her progress. She started reading the Book of Mormon and she liked it
and she enjoys our lessons. The only problem is she works Sundays
during church, but she is also looking for a new job so hopefully she
will find one where she can attend church!
Kids in the Ward

J. Is doing really well. We have taught her all the lessons and we are
just waiting for her marriage. She is progressing really well but her
husband doesn't want her to rush into anything. Her baptism date is
for the 10th of January and we are excited to get things ready for
that! Her two sons like learning about the gospel as well and we have
enjoyed teaching them as well.
J's Brother gave us soccer jerseys

We found two new investigators this week. They are the nephews of a
less active member, and they came to church this Sunday and they want
to learn more so we have started to teach them.

This Sunday we had 6 investigators come to church, we are really
excited about the progress that they are making.

We also had a cool opportunity this week to take two new members
to the mission "recent convert temple baptism trip". It was an awesome
experience and the new members had a great time. I could tell they
felt the spirit really strong and it was a special experience.

Recent converts at the Temple

Thanksgiving was great. We were not allowed to proselyte, instead
 we were encouraged to build relationships with members
and do stuff like that. That morning we
went to a feeding the homeless service project that the church set up.
Then we went over to J.'s house and helped her and her family cook.
Her mom and two brothers are members and it was really fun. We played
some games and ate dinner with them. After that we had
another Thanksgiving dinner with a less active family and it was really
Feeding the Homeless on Thanksgiving

DC Pride hats

Thanks for everything!!!!!!!!!

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