Monday, December 28, 2015

Merry Christmas

We had a really good week!

On Monday we had a great FHE with a family in the ward. The dad
is less active and it has been good working with the whole family. We
taught them the importance of focusing on and finding Christ during
Christmas. It was really fun.

J. Is doing really well and getting ready for her baptism. She was in
church on Sunday and had a good time. She has even
started handing out pass along cards to her friends and has been
inviting her friends to church.

A. just left for Mexico on vacation so we will have to continue to
teach her when she gets back.

A. and E. Are doing really well, they have come to church many times
and they love going to primary. They really like church and their
grandma who is a member has been bringing them.

Christmas was really fun here! On Christmas Eve we had dinner with a
family in the ward. Then on Christmas day we did a gift exchange with
the roommates. Then we went to the visitors center and watched Inside
Out. After that we had a Christmas dinner and I was able to Skype home
and talk to my family! That night we sang at the visitors center.
football at the apartment

Carrie Cooke from BYU Hawaii

Our shifts at the visitor center were crazy this week. One night 7,000
people came by. It has been really busy but has been going really
Working at the Visitor's Center
Christmas Lights
Shepard in Zone Nativity Scene

Thanks for all the support! Happy New Year!

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