Monday, December 7, 2015

We were pretty busy this week but it was all good.

Our investigators are doing well - we taught J. all of the lessons and
now are going over everything to get her prepared for January
10th. We are so excited for her and her family.

Our other investigator C. is doing well. We just finished teaching her
all of the lessons. The only problem is that she is not married, so
she cant be baptized quite yet. Her children have been baptized and
she comes to church every week. Her youngest was actually just
baptized this last Sunday and it was really cute.

We are also teaching R. She is the sister of a less active and has
been listening in on our dinner appointments. She is starting to seem
more interested in learning and we have another appointment with her
for this coming week.

We also had the opportunity to meet with some less active members this
week. We were able to meet with W. who hasn't been met with in a
while. His family stopped going to church and we stopped by to meet
with his mom but he answered the door and let us in. He also wanted
to hear our message. He expressed a desire to go back to church and we
have another appointment with him this week.

Lots of good food lately, I had to eat a whole fish, two different times this week!


This week my companion and I started our Temple Visitor Center shifts. We are
working there three nights a week. The first night we worked was Diplomat
Night and the other nights were normal.

my roomies!

my zone rented out an ice rink for P-Day

my comp's first time ice skating!

Thanks for the support!

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