Monday, November 16, 2015

Hey Everybody!

We had transfers this week and I am now in Landover Hills which
includes a few other cities as well. . I love my new area and I love
my new companion! Its great here but its pretty different than Gaithersburg.

My New Companion!

New Apartment

For our investigators this week we met with J. She is doing well and
is ready to be baptized, but she has to get married first. She is
doing really well and we are excited for her!

We went to go meet with two investigators who are brothers this week
but they weren't home. We ended up talking to their mom for a little
bit and ended up helping her make carnitas and pupusas.

One cool experience that my companion and I had this week is we were
driving looking for a place to go tracting and she suddenly stopped
and said that we needed to start here. So we stopped and got out of the
car and about a minute later as we were walking and ran into a man from
El Salvador. We found out that he was baptized into the church in El
Salvador a few years ago and stopped coming when he moved here. He
told us he was ready to come back to the church, but he didn't drive
and didn't know where the church was. We were able to find him a ride
from a member who lives nearby.

Since I'm done with training I am also allowed to start driving, and
driving in Landover Hills is super crazy!

I had some really good food this week! But I also had to eat tongue.........

On Sunday we went to the Visitor Center event, "Why I Believe", and J.
came with us! It was also really cool because I was able to see my
friend Carrie from college! It was such a good day.

Carrie from BYU Hawaii

My new ward is great! I like it a lot, its pretty crazy because the
children in the ward have behavior problems. Apparently a few weeks
ago one pulled the fire alarm in fast and testimony meeting. This
week they were screaming things into the intercom. Its pretty funny,
all of the sacrament meeting talks were about helping children be
reverent haha.
P-Day Sightseeing

Botanical Gardens

who walks by a pile of leaves and doesn't jump in?

Thanks for all the support!!
Hasta Luego!

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