Monday, August 22, 2016

Hey everyone!!!

This week was kind of crazy but still good. This week was crazy
because we haven't been able to get contact again with C. and W. They
have been working a lot and didn't come to church. We are going to try
and stop by tonight and see if we can catch them at home.
Missionary friends

We found a really cool new investigator named P. He is really
interested. When we came by to teach the first lesson after we found
him tracting he had already read part of the Book of Mormon and had
watched the restoration video. He seems really interested and we are
excited about him.

The family of six kids are doing well. It's really funny teaching them,
surprisingly they pay attention and seem really
interested. Everyone is getting ready for school this week so its kind
of crazy here.
We found I. at Why I Believe

This week we had zone conference, which is like an 8 hr long meeting.
It was really good though, we learned a lot, and focused in teaching
the restoration. It was really helpful because we got to teach the
restoration a few times this week.

Today for zone activity we did a scavenger hunt at the mall:)

Gracias por todo!

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