Monday, August 1, 2016

Hey everyone!!

This week was great, with tons and tons of rain. It poured almost
everyday... But it was good at least we were able to find a lot of
people home.

C. and W. are doing good, they hare having a hard time accepting and
living the word of wisdom, but we are going to meet with them and set
goals with them. They are liking church and everything and we are hoping
to get them committed.
Our district meetings mostly consisted of eating watermelon

The R. family is great. Mom and all six kids love the lessons and its
pretty funny and crazy teaching all seven of them. They really
like it and are having fun learning.
Brazilian bakery

This week we planted flowers for a member, and did some service up at
the farm that works with people with special needs.

We went tracting this week and a family let us in to share our
message. The little girl got some blankets for us because we were wet,
and then filled up giant tupperware with soda for us to drink, it was
really funny. They said we could come back and share more next week.

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