Monday, October 24, 2016

Hola everyone!!!

We had a great week! Our car is fixed and the heater in our
house is working now!
We had transfers this week and I am still in Annapolis with Sister
Bateman. It is great here and we are meeting lots of fun new people!
My District 
We crashed a fiesta and got tacos

A. was baptized this week. It went really well and a lot of the branch
came, it was really awesome! Aleida bore an awesome testimony after
and she told us that before her baptism she was praying to make sure
that she was doing the right thing. Then the next day she was cleaning
her house and as she was cleaning the Bible fell off the counter and
landed down by her feet opened, and it was opened to the page in the
New Testament about the baptism of Christ. She said in her talk how
she knows this is the true church and throughout her life she has
always tried to draw closer to God but she didn't know how before. It
was really awesome!

"A's" boys

This week we have been working with a family of 5 and they are so
awesome. They are reading the Book of Mormon and love learning
together! We hope we can help them continue to grow and progress! We
just need them to come to church buts its hard with all their
different work schedules.

G. is doing good. He came to church on Sunday and had fun with the
other young men, we are hoping to keep him active in Young Mens and

Thanks so much for everything!!!

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