Monday, October 17, 2016

Hey everyone!!! This week was awesome in Annapolis!

A. is doing great we are almost completely done with her lessons, and
she is ready and really excited. She has her interview tomorrow and
she will be baptized on Sunday! We are so excited for her to make this
important step. She loves church and loves learning.
Planning our week

G. is a new investigator we found, he is 13 and used to study with
missionaries. He has read the whole Book of Mormon and already knows
everything. His parents won't let him get baptized but we are hoping to
keep him involved with church and young men's.
Halloween House

"Why I Believe"

J. and L. have 3 kids and they all like to meet with us. We taught
them all the restoration, and went back a few days later and read a
few chapters of the Book of Mormon with them all! They loved it!

This week our car was struggling a little bit and we had to get the
oil changed, then it died in the church parking lot, and the zone
leaders had to jump start it, but it seems to be working a little bit
better now😀
Pupusas & Horchata lunch

Annapolis is great! Thanks for all your support. We have transfers
this Wednesday so we will find our if we are staying or leaving
tonight! Thanks so much for everything!

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