Monday, October 10, 2016

Hola amigos y familia!!!!

This week was awesome, there was a lot of rain and a lot of people to
teach. We had tons of work to do and found a lot of new
investigators. I don't think I have ever taught the restoration so
many times in one week! But it was great, we found a lot of new
families and people that seem interested and we are so excited for

A .is doing really well, she just loves learning and  it's super awesome.
She recently had us send her a chart of the general authorities so she
could start getting more familiar with them. She loves everything she
is learning and keeps telling us how she is so excited to get
Naval Academy

We found a new family this week! J. and L. have three kids and we
taught the whole family the restoration last week, they really seemed
to like it and we are excited to keep working with them. The family is
from El Salvador.

We also had Elder Bennet of the seventy come this week. We had a great
meeting with him and we learned a lot! The meeting was 8 hours long
but we learned some things we can do to better help our area!

We are having lots of fun here in Annapolis! Thanks for all the support!!
Hasta Luego!

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