Monday, June 6, 2016

Hey everyone!! This week has been great here in DC.

The family from Guatamala is doing really well. They cried during our
lesson this week and they told us how the gospel has
completley changed their lives and made them so happy. They said they
felt like they always had everything but now they realize that
something was missing. They are so active in coming to church and
everything. When we are talking they feel like they need more time to
be prepared. They are taking it really seriously and are praying about
a b date. We may have to move it back one or two weeks, depending how
they feel after praying.

C. Is doing well. She is still coming to church and she loves
learning!! She is basically a member and is doing well. She right now is
thinking about having her boyfriend move out so we will see.

This week we also got to go on a temple trip and I went on xchanges
in Olney Maryland. It was really nice it was a cool area. We had a
lot of fun.

This week we also helped with a Salvation Army service project and we
passed out free Krispy Kreme donuts at Le Enfant plaza all Friday
morning. It was pretty great, and we helped eat them too.

Things have been great here I love my area and the people that we are
working with.
Thanks for everything!!!
Sister White

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