Monday, June 13, 2016

Hey everyone!!!!! It was a crazy week we had a lot going on!
First off congrats to my brother Matt for finishing his two year
mission in Ecuador!
My brother and Parents in Quito

Also callouts were this week, and Im leaving Mount Pleasant. Its crazy,
I have really liked Mount Pleasant and I'm sad to leave, but I'm excited
to meet my new area and my new companion. There are a lot of options so
I have no idea where I will be going.

Our family from Guatamala is great. They are almost done with all the
lessons!! They are just trying to find a time for the baptism that
works best with the wife's work schedule, but they are so excited. The
husband and son have been to church over 10 times now.

We are working with C. who just moved here from El Salvador. He is
great and is really interested, he is reading and learning a lot and
loves what he is reading. He is also going to come to our English

It was sad saying goodbye to all the branch members this week. This
has been my favorite branch but it was good, they are all so sweet. We
put on a ward missionary activity and made up a game for the members
to play. It was so cool. Our recent convert A. liked the missionary
activity so much that the next day on Sunday she brought a friend to
church with her.

This week at church was amazing, we had five investigators at church.
Everyone just decided to come this week. It was really cool but kinda
crazy trying to keep track of them all. But we think some of them
liked it. We had a cute mom and daughter from Ecuador come with us to
sacrament and they liked it a lot, they are meeting us for fhe tonight

A  fellow Sister painted this picture of me! I love it!

El Salvador Soccer Jersey

Thanks for everything!!!
Hasta luego!

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