Monday, December 12, 2016

Hey Everyone!

We had a great week!

First off our investigator A. is doing pretty well. She has been
reading the Book of Mormon for a couple weeks now and she really likes
it, but she has a few concerns about switching religions but we are
still going to work with her.

We found L. a new investigator this week and she is great. We taught
her twice in one week and she really likes learning and really liked
the story of the restoration. She told us she wants to come to church
with us and we are excited to see her progress.

We met with a part-member family as well. The mom is less active and
her son is not a member. We taught them and the son liked everything
and learned really quickly. The hard part is we can't get the mom to
come to church, so it has been slow with them.

This week I also translated sacrament meeting into English for the
people in our ward who don't speak Spanish.

Festival of lights has been pretty good, it has started to get really
busy but we have had some fun families come in and I have gotten to
see lots of people from my old areas.

Thanks for everything! And be sure to check out for the new
Christmas video!

Thanks for everything and have a great week!

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