Monday, November 14, 2016

Hey everyone!!

Hope everyone is having a good week.

This week was really fun for us! We found a lot of cool people and
some of them seem really interested. We found one guy while we were
tracting, and he told us to come back on Sunday night. When we came
back on Sunday, one of our members was there and we found out
that the new investigator was the brother in law of the member. We had
a really good lesson with them and the brother in law wants to keep
meeting with us. It was a great teaching experience.

A. is doing really well. She is loving church and is holding nightly
family prayer with her family, teaching her husband about the church,
and it is going awesome. She went with some ward members to the Navy
football game this last week and is having lots of fun.

We have been focusing on doing a lot of finding people, so we have been doing
a lot of contacting and we got some return appointments for
this week as well.

This week we also helped a less active family set up their Christmas tree!

Thanks for everything! Have a great week!!

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