Monday, January 18, 2016

Hey everyone!!!!

This week was good!

J. Is back on date for the 14th of February. We are really excited for
her. She has been coming to church and doing really well with keeping
all of her commitments.

V. Is progressing slowly. We have been working with him for a while
now. He has been reading and he came to church but he needs to pray.
He is also considering baptism. But he wants to learn more first
before he commits to anything. Our lesson with him was really cool, we
taught him the word of wisdom and we were a little nervous about it
because he has told us when we first met with him that he has problems
with alcohol. When we taught it to him, he told us that he felt that
God wanted him to stop drinking like 3-4 weeks ago and hasn't drunk
anything since. It was really cool.

We were not able to meet with S. This week he has a crazy work
schedule and works all day most days and it can be hard to find him on
his day off. But we are excited to keep working with him.

We got two new investigators on Friday. They then came to church on
Sunday with their Book of Mormons, they live in the basement of a
member and they really seemed to like it.
Member from Ecuador

We have also had good luck working with a less active member who has
been inactive for 10 yrs, she is coming to church and meeting with

Today we had a mall scavenger hunt and it was pretty fun! Then we had
Costco pizza for lunch:)
Scavenger Hunt @ Mall

Things have been good it snowed for the first time on Sunday but it
didn't really stick.
It Snowed!

Thanks for everything!!!!

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